My name is Elena and I am a qualified and registered Homeopath practising in the Farnham and Odiham areas. Welcome to my website.

For some of you, who do not know anything about Homeopathy, I hope, that this web site will provide an introduction into the fascinating world of Homeopathy. For anyone, who has knowledge of Homeopathy, I believe, this web site will give further answers to some of your questions.

Nowadays modern life challenges us with high levels of pollution and a heavy presence of different chemicals in our daily life. In this climate of greater life expectancy and yet increasing ill-health, people are questioning the quality of their health care and looking for safe an effective ways to improve their health.

Homeopathy offers a safe alternative as it seeks to improve the general level of health of the whole person, emotionally as well as physically, and as such is playing an important role in the movement back to a more holistic approach to health.