About Elena.
Elena Panfilova
Elena Panfilova

I was born and educated in Russia, where after finishing medical university I worked as a medical doctor for 17 years.

As a homeopath I qualified at the Middlesex University in London. Having a great respect for conventional medicine I became drawn to Homeopathy because of its approach to disease through understanding the whole person, including their body, mind, emotional state and because it treasures an inner wisdom of our system in a self healing process.

I receive the greatest satisfaction in treating and supporting people going through stages of change in their lives. It might be outward changes, such as a new job, new school or moving to a new house, which can be very challenging and stressful. Or it might be an inner change within the body, for example hormonal changes: puberty, birth or menopause. Homeopathic treatment during menopausal changes can help women to avoid having HRT treatment.

That is why I would like to bring the benefits of Homeopathy to the local community. My particular interest is in treating women and children. Homeopathy can provide support for women at a time of emotional stress, grief or simply a general sense of not feeling right. Children with learning difficulties or behavioural problems can also benefit from homeopathic treatment.

I practice homeopathy at the The Odiham Clinic on the High Street in Odiham which is close to the areas of Hook, Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot and Farnham.

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