"The natural force within each of us
is the greatest healer of all."
Hippocrates, Greek physician.
What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is based on the philosophy that the body, mind and emotions are not really separate, but fully integrated. For example, prolonged emotional stress can cause physical problems and vice versa, physical problems can result in anxiety or depression.

Since medicine began it has been recognised that there is capacity in the body for self-healing. In acute illnesses (for example: colds, stomach upsets, etc.) the body naturally resists infection and in time gets better through mobilising its own built-in defences.

There are, of course, many situations where this does not happen, where the body's vitality is not sufficient to manage this alone. Homeopathic remedies can assist in this process by stimulating the body's defences to begin the process of cure.

In other words, homeopathy focuses on building health and strengthing the immune system with individualised, carefully selected remedies. This explains, for example, why several people with the same diagnosis may each receive a different homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic treatment is tailored for each individual, which means that the prescription is made not just on the basis of a single symptom, but on a much larger picture, which includes the person's constitution, past medical and life history, emotional state, life-style and much more. Homeopathy does not treat the disease as such, rather it treats the whole person.

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