"There is no alternative medicine.
 There is only medicine that works
 and medicine that does not work."
 Richard Dawkins, Biologist.
Why Homeopathy?
Homeopathy advantages:

Individuality: People have extremely wide variation from one to another in their metabolism, biochemistry, reactions. In all these ways Homeopathy uses a remedy that exactly fits a person‘s needs, rather than routinely using the same medicine in all cases of a particular illness.

Family-based Medicine: Homeopathy is ideal for children and for the aged.

Naturalness: Homeopathy does not use synthetic substances, but relies on the healing properties inherent in plants, minerals and even animal substances. These are used in their natural state, not as isolated chemicals.

Safety: Homeopathy virtually non toxic, without any side-effects. There is no risk of poisoning, drug residue, addiction or build up of tolerance.

Non-invasiveness: Homeopathic remedies act as catalysts, assisting all the body’s natural processes, rather than interfering, respecting and preserving the intricate mechanism of the biological system.

Constitutional Change: Unlike any other known system of medicine, Homeopathy can change fundamental, inherent weaknesses and susceptibilities on both physical and psychological levels.

Acute prevention: Remedies can be used to prevent the onset of many conditions, including colds, muscles overstrain, stage fright and as an antidote to the anticipated effects of overwork or overindulgence.

Homeopathic remedies are:

• Repairers of both physical trauma experienced by the body and emotional trauma.

• Regenerators of energy when it has been diminished.

• Releasers of suppressed memories, anger, guilt, shame.

• Restorers of self-esteem and self-worth, bringing meaning back into peoples lives.

• Reminders that we have a unique identity and purpose to our life.

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